History of Smart Watches

If you're old enough to remember who Detective Dick Tracy was then you probably remember the Wristwatch Radio that he wore? On October 14,1931  the Dick Tracy Cartoon comic strip made it's debut in the Detroit Mirror and Dick Tracy seemed to have all the cool gadgets, but before that there was actually real wrist technology being used.
The fascination of wrist technology dates back to 1927 with the “Plus Four Wrislet Route Indicator” It was like having a rolling map on the wearer’s wrist.Then 50 years later in 1972 Hamilton Watch Company created the first all-electric digital watch at a bargain of $2,100! Ten years later came the “Seiko TV Watch” Worn by James Bond in Octopussy the watch needed an adapter and a huge receiver box to show TV images. In 1985 the British company Sinclair created the “Sinclair FM Wristwatch Radio” only 11,000 were made. Then in 1995 Seiko created the “Seiko Message Watch” the watch would display caller ID’s using FM side ban frequencies, it also displayed the weather,sport scores, and stock prices. Also in 1995 Breitling Watch Company created the “Breitling Emergency Watch” that could send a distress signal that could be picked up within 90 nautical miles.
Fast forward to the 21st century! Wristwatches start to become obsolete cellular telephones start to replace wristwatches less people were wearing watches and if they needed the time they would just look at their phones. However, wristwatches were still being worn by watch lovers.Thank goodness! In 2002 Fossil created the “Fossil Palm Pilot” wristwatch it had a whopping 2MB of memory it had a calculator, memo pad and a couple other apps. Now smart watches are starting to gain more momentum and larger companies like MicroSoft start to work on projects, so in 2003 the “MicroSoft SPOT” watch is created,but it only lasted for a short time because they wanted to charge a subscription fee. In 2012 Sony creates the “Sony SmartWatch” running off the Android platform now Smart Watches are starting to pick up steam and more companies are taking notice! Every year after 2012 companies like Sony,Samsung,Pebble,Moto,Garmin, and of course the most popular the “Apple watch” have mass marketed their products around the globe.
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